About us

Hi, I'm Ksenia Solomonova - the founder of Molinialife (Moliniya Life), I wave your hand to you.

Instead of bothering you with an empty list of chronicles, titles and regalia, I’d better tell a couple of stories from the life of Molinialife.

At first glance, flax won my heart. I was only 10 years old, but I saw something magical in the texture. As I remember now, the gentle rays of the sun, the smell of grass. I sit on the porch of a village house and sew a dress for a doll from pieces of cloth.

I was always fascinated by the variety of textures and colors of fabrics. Every time I see texture material, I want to touch it, feel it with my hands. Sometimes I even buy a piece of fabric just because of the texture, color or feel. That is why what I do today is manual work. Not only because I do everything with my own hands, but also because I smell, touch it, and turn it into something new.

Children's hobby turned into a life-long affair. So the brand of linen clothes Molinialife (Molinia Life) was born.

Initially, the brand was born and grew as a brand of children's clothing. And no wonder, since I'm the mother of three beautiful girls.

The business card of Molinialife was a free-cut dress with a floral print, and a women's collection of dresses was born thanks to the reviews of my friend, Julia.

“My daughter doesn’t want to take off her dress, and fell asleep in it,” Julia shared her impressions, “can I sew the same?”

My answer “YES” served as the beginning of work on models of women's dresses.

Largely thanks to my friends, Molinialife grows and thrives!

We are located in Kaliningrad, but we ship orders worldwide. You can contact us by phone or in any other convenient way.